Granite worktops services – production to installation we are here to help

Our professional designers and masons are always ready with their tools whether it is installing granite kitchen worktop or vanity top. We are truly passionate about our work that is why our experience, expertise and attention to right details earned us this reputation on that we extremely proud.

Our granite worktops services includes following privileges that will help you to find, compare and choose the best kitchen top for your interiors.

Stone Selection

Granite stone that is mined from our offshore mine comes in a variety of granite colours and textures. We’re sure you will be able to find something to match your kitchen. We can also offer some granite samples if it will help you decide.


The granite rock that we use for our worktops is sourced from an offshore mine that we own and operate. Also, we’re proud to say that we own a processing factory as well. By doing this, we have successfully cut out all of the middle men of the granite worktop business. Therefore, we make significant savings which we pass onto our customers for everyone of our granite worktops.

Delivery and Installation

Granite orders are signed and delivered as quickly as possible. Depending on your location and the size of your order, you could have a whole new granite worktop delivered and installed within three days. We have teams of experienced fitters waiting to install our order for you and give you any maintenance advice you need.

After Sales Service

Granite is a material that is resistant enough for it not to require any real maintenance but we understand that people may have questions related to their purchase and we are here to answer them. We provide a comprehensive after sales service for all of our customers. With our after sales support, we provide a service that doesn’t just stop when the granite is delivered.

Things you should know about granite worktops services

We have seen several people who purchases granite worktops but still found to be dissatisfied with their new kitchen interiors. The reason behind is improper installation of granite countertops and choice of wrong colour as per their exiting décor. Our granite worktops serviceswill take care of every small element from instant delivery to efficient installation.

Following are a few tips that we advise to our every customer to follow to get quality worktop installation within budget.

  • Natural stone worktops like granite exhibit slightly different colour in shady areas and in sunlight. Hence, it is advisable to check the granite colours in both the lights for better understanding.

  • Granite countertops are porous in nature that makes it susceptible to stains. This is the reason that polished surface is recommended by experts in case of granite worktops.

  • Make sure you apply sealant on your granite kitchen countertop at least twice a year.

  • At the time of natural stone worktop installation pay attention to the alignment of the base. If it is not intact then your worktop will not be installed properly.

  • We believe in working hand in hand with our customers so that we inspire your interiors with excellent granite worktops services Call us to get instant granite worktops services quotes.

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