Granite Maintenance and Installation!

Restore dullness of your granite by following easy tips by granite experts

Among all the available options in natural stone granite is the most popular one that comes in wide range of colours and shades. It is quarried in large piece of chunks that is further cut and polished by professional stone companies and then installed by the home owners either in the form of large slabs or tiles.

As compare to other stones especially granite offers great durability and hardness but it also has some issues. As granite is quarried from different geographical locations due to that all the granite stone have different chemical arrangements inside them so their maintenance and cleaning depends on its degree of porosity.

If your granite is of darker colour like green or black then granite experts suggests avoiding the application of sealant on its surface. When you apply sealant on granite then it must get absorbed and protect it from staining but these darker colours do not absorb sealant inside and due to that they cause dullness on its surface. Moreover before attempting any maintenance and cleaning task on your granite counters you need to be sure what you have as your granite countertop.

Take a look to this easy granite worktop installation video that might help you in installing your granite countertop.

The smart way is to either consult the granite retailer from that you bought your granite counter in first place to efficiently understand its physical and chemical properties or follow the cleaning and maintenance instructions printed on its manual.


  1. First step is to thoroughly clean the granite surface by using the mild stone cleaner. Make sure all the dust, stains and grit must be removed. It is required that you must use stone cleaners only as it will help you in removing the soap residues as well that is one of the reason of causing its dullness.

  2. After cleaning remove wax layer form top of the surface by using appropriate wax removing tools.

  3. Rinse the counter and leave it for air dry then start sealant application once it becomes completely dry.

  4. After sealant application use wax to buff the granite counters and in no time you will restore its shine. Alternatively granite experts suggest silicon based products for restoring its shine.

These are some of the basics through that you can easily restore the shine of your granite worktops. But you also need to remember that cleaning on regular basis can also help you to prevent the dullness of your granite slab.

Let us check out this granite cleaning and polishing video by expert village that will help you understand what and how to take care of granite worktops.

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