Standard Granite Worktop Colours

Absolute black granite colourAbsolute Black
Angolan black granite colourAngolan Black
Baltic brown granite colourBaltic Brown
Black pearl granite colourBlack Pearl
Black seawave granite colourBlack Seawave
Blue pearl granite colourBlue Pearl
Emerald pearl granite colourEmerald Pearl
Kashmir gold granite colourKashmir Gold
Leopard white granite colourLeopard White
Star galaxy granite colourStar Galaxy
Steel grey granite colourSteel Grey
Tan brown granite colourTan Brown

Bespoke Granite Worktop Colours

Giallo veniziano granite colourGiallo Veniziano
Brown shivakashi granite colourBrown ShivakashI
Verde ubatuba granite colourVerde Ubatuba
Ivory cream granite colourIvory Cream

Exotic Granite Worktop Colours

Sienna Bordeaux
Ornamental White
Ornamental Light
New Venetian Gold
Bordeaux River
Blue Heaven
Blue Fantasy

Worktops are at their best when made from granite

Worktops are generally subjected to a lot of damage in any common kitchen. Granite is one amazing stone. It’s one of the toughest construction materials available in the world and it’s therefore perfect for a kitchen worktop surface.

Worktops that are made from granite are almost impossible to chip or scratch and they’re very resistant to heat as well. Every kitchen granite worktop that we offer is quality tested so you can be sure that you’re getting you money’s worth. Worktops of granite are not only very practical but also very elegant and stylish in your kitchen. There are many different styles available and the lovely patterns make granite a very popular choice for a kitchen worktop.

Granite Colours Available

Worktops can come in many different textures, shapes and colours. You must look for a worktop style to match your kitchen’s design and we’re quite sure you’ll find something suitable in our offer.

Any worktop design is by the nature of the stone completely unique. As no granite worktop has the same colour, texture or pattern, your granite tiles will be unlike anyone else’s. You can order a sample from the website and find the one that’s best for you.

Colour scheme of granite worktops

There are several different quality attributes of granite that makes it unique among other natural stones. The true elegance of granite is exhibited in its variegated colour pattern and specks on its surface. Following is a quick schematic view on granite colour and shades.

  1. Granite is an intrusive igneous rock that is found below earth’s continent and formed from hot molten lava.

  2. Feldspar, quartz, mica and phosphorous are a few basic minerals that are consistently found in granite slab.

  3. However, the composition of these minerals varies as per their geographical location.

  4. The presence of quartz in granite is its source of durability robustness whereas feldspar is responsible for its variegated colour scheme.

  5. In granite you will find feldspar in two forms alkali feldspar and plagioclase feldspar where as former is known for containing colour pigments.

No two granite slabs are found similar in their physical appearance. The reason of this colour difference is due to the different composition of minerals in them.

Occasionally, you will find granite worktops with fossil deposition on their surface that gives unique natural elegance to granite. Our inventory of quartz and granite colours is categorized into two classes; standard colours and bespoke colours. Let’s take a quick look to our available granite colour options:

  1. Standard colours
  2. Absolute Nero, Baltic Brown, Emerald Pearl, Kashmire White, Nero Impala, Visag Blue and several other colours are available.

  3. Bespoke colours
  4. Giallo Veniziano, Giallo Topazio, Nero Zimbabwe, Verde Ubatuba and other tantalizing granite colours are available.

A quick note by granite experts

When you buy granite worktop then take a look to chosen granite colours in daylight as well in dark shade. This will help you understand which granite colour will be a perfect match for your kitchen interiors.

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