Granite Cleaning and Maintenance Guide by Experts!

When it comes to granite cleaning and maintenance then there are several aspects that you should keep in mind so that you cannot distort the look of its glossy surface. Never use any products containing ammonia, as these will ultimately damage the protective finish.

  1. Remove the liquid consumables immediately after a spill before they stain the surface. As compared to marble granite is less porous but susceptible for staining. Take proactive measures to cut off the problem of staining. Clean the surface instantly with paper towels, and then with granite polishing.

  2. Remember to use of those products and services that are inexpensive and reliable. Even you can perform the cleaning and maintenance DIY granite project to save service money.


Sealing the granite is another way to make your countertops shine. You just need to clean your countertops with simple green and soft cloth. Make sure that the countertop is sealed properly. Granite sealer can be easily found from the home improvement store and can be applied as per given instruction manual.

How to remove hard water deposits from granite?

Hard water residue is high concentration of mineral that has high content of calcium and magnesium than the regular water tap. The hardness of water does not harm ones health but it can cause serious problems with the other equipments that handles water.

Granite has extremely gained its popularity in home kitchens. The presence of granite gives bright and stylish appearance to any workplace. The quality of granite depicts its durability that last for long. However, they do require some maintenance and regular cleaning than other stones and continue to look best. Granite is generally tough, hard and massive therefore, it can be used as a construction stone.

Hard water effect on Granite

Kitchen and bathroom are the places that are exposed to the moisture. Hard water leaves flakes and stains spot on the granite countertop. The presence of magnesium and calcium in the water results in high residue of stains. Regular supply of these minerals leaves behind these deposits that are hard to remove later. But there are inexpensive routines that can safely remove the spots and marks from damaging.

Method to remove hard water stains from granite

You can Do it yourself if it has just started. Depending on how hard water stains you can try the best and natural formula to get rid of permanent stains is a mixture of white vinegar and baking powder. Gently scrub the stains and wipe the surface with the soft sponge. Clean the area carefully and systematically to remove the entire residue off granite. This is a proven technique and helps to remove hard core stains.

There are other ways also to remove the stains. You just need to have a plastic scrapper, scrub brush and granite cleaner. Here are the instructions to follow:
  1. Make use of plastic scrapper to clean the residue off the surface.

  2. Spray the granite cleaning product on the surface and let the spray immerse for few minutes.

  3. Take scrubbing brush to wipe the stains having that has nylon bristles.

  4. Soak the area and clean dry it with a soft cloth.

In case you do not have the cleaner, you can also sponge the area with the soapy and warm water. It might not be effective but it definitely helps to formulate the stains.

Additional tips and advice
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